The Newsfeed Agency

Prevent opaque algorithms from determining what you read and collecting data about your reading habits, by using RSS/Atom ... on your Facebook Newsfeed.

The Newsfeed Agency is an experimental browser add-on that enables you to replace algorithmically curated news stories on your Facebook Newsfeeds with news stories delivered straight from the RSS/Atom feeds of news providers. In this way, the content you receive through Facebook Newsfeed will no longer be filtered by any algorithms, and Facebook trackers running on the Newsfeed can no longer track your reading habits.

Learn more: What are web syndication technologies such as RSS and Atom, and why they might be useful in helping users regain privacy and agency against algorithmic echo chambers, as well as user tracking and surveillance mechanisms.

See the Newsfeed Agency in action:

A normal news post delivered by Facebook:

A news post delivered by The Newsfeed Agency:

In the current iteration of the Newsfeed Agency, articles from subscribed RSS/Atom feeds will appear in place of some Facebook newsfeed advertisements, as well as other potentially unwanted stories in the newsfeed. Specifically, The Newsfeed Agency detect these types newsfeed items and replace them with articles from the RSS/Atom feeds the user is subscribed to:


The Newsfeed Agency is currently only available as a userscript. To install,

  1. Install Tampermonkey on your browser. The Newsfeed Agency is developed and tested on Chrome and Firefox with Tampermonkey. The userscript has not been tested on other userscript managers, such as Greasemonkey and Violentmonkey.
  2. Click here to install the userscript.
  3. IMPORTANT - Read the usage instructions and license below to get started.


Upon installing, visit Facebook and click on the Tampermonkey Icon on the browser toolbar, then click on The Newsfeed Agency configuration in the pop-up menu.

From here, you can add, edit, or remove RSS/Atom feeds.

The Newsfeed Agency currently renders certain content from RSS/Atom feeds in HTML. You should only subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds you trust, as malicious feeds can potentially execute unauthorised code through HTML rendering mechanisms.

Built with

Part of the code is based on Stig's Facebook Cleanr, used under Apache License 2.0.