Hello. Hola. 你好。侬好。

I consider myself as a creative technologist, but with a critical edge. Currently: PhD student at University of Washington's Information School. Adjunct teaching associate at New York University Shanghai.

I am interested in: histories and politics of digital network technologies, protocols, artefacts - with a focus on imaginaries of "decentralised" networks and infrastructures; late 1990s - late 2000s global internet culture; unexpected uses and abuses of digital media technologies in different social, political, and cultural contexts; the preservation, restoration, and resurrection of obsolete software networks and infrastructures; perceptions of privacy and the construction of online identity; critical making. I am also broadly interested in urban studies and Latin American studies.

I graduated from NYU Shanghai in 2017, double-majoring in Interactive Media Arts and Global China Studies. My capstone project is Cardboard Shikumen, where I used web-based virtual reality to document an old Shikumen neighbourhood in downtown Shanghai before its demolition and redevelopment. A selection of interactive media projects (broadly defined) that I have created as part of my coursework is available here.

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I can be reached at lewei.huang@nyu.edu. Alternatively, in mainland China, add me on WeChat/Weixin with the username RLHINT.

Have a nice day.